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When can we expect shipments?


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    Jim Jacob


    Sounds like you may not have received our email we sent out on July 22. Here is the email:


    Thank you for your order. We are still waiting for our first container of Storybuttons to arrive at our Ohio warehouse. I had previously announced that the arrival was scheduled to be yesterday, but that did not happen. We are still waiting for the transportation company to pick up the container from its port of entry and deliver it to our warehouse. The cause of the delays are beyond our control, but I have been on the phone with them every day pushing this forward.

    Storybutton is a small team and are so grateful for the 1300+ preorders. On behalf of our entire team, we thank you for your patience as we get things going. I’m so excited to be able to send you your Storybutton as soon as we can!

    I will keep you updated as I learn more about an updated shipping date.

    As a special thank you…here’s an exclusive sneak peak into the first 7 episodes of our first Original Podcast Miles The Brave that releases August 21.

    Make sure you click follow (the plus sign) for Miles The Brave on Apple Podcasts.
    Thanks for being a part of our young family,


    CEO & Founder, Storybutton

    **Update, the train carrying the 2000 Storybutton's is scheduled to arrive today, but will require a few days to unload and prepare for shipping. We are getting very close!

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