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Koala Moon Premium



  • Nina nunn

    We have the same problem, resulting I. A very unhappy kiddo at nighttime 😮‍💨

  • Lauren Jarboe

    Same! Especially since we continue to hear the ads for storybutton and how it is so great for Koala moon. They should not even load the premium episodes because when one ends it jumps to another and only plays 5 minutes. Customer service got back to me and said we had to wait for the app to be developed sometime this year. I guess I need to cancel in the meantime.

  • Kurt Smith

    Just wanted to say we are in the exact same situation. We love the idea of the Storybutton and bought it because we heard it advertised on Koala Moon. It is very disappointing that not only can we not listen to the premium episodes we are paying for, but the Koala Moon listening experience on Storybutton is ruined by the numerous premium preview episodes that are in the playlist with the regular full-length episodes. I understand there is an app in development, but I think a reasonable short-term solution is to filter out the premium preview episodes. I hope the Storybutton team is watching this thread and can work on this for us.

  • Lauren Jarboe

    Yes I hope they are watching and coming up with a solution soon. In the meantime, I have been trying to get my money back from the premium subscription. I agree a filter would be nice. The children cannot navigate the previews and its so frustrating for them.

  • Megan E

    Just searched for this exact issue and came across this thread. We purchased the story button specifically for the koala moon episodes for our son. Imagine our disappointment when we realized he can’t even listen to all the stories. Why advertise this product on koala moon if over half the stories aren’t available? Why even have the premium stories as an option if they aren’t available for our son? He was so upset he wrote a letter to koala moon asking them to stop making all the new stories premium because he wants to hear them on his story button. I guess he needs to write one to story button as well. Help us fix this issue story button!


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